Gastronomia de la AlbercaIn the gastronomic field, La Alberca has many natural products which along with those from “charro” field make traditional and popular food, one of the richest and varied from the peninsula.

Meats are one of their main courses, with many livestock species, cattle, goats, sheep and pigs. "Cabrito cuchifrito" and typically mountain roast delight anyone who taste them. Among the meats, sausages, Iberian ham, chorizo, sausage, loin, tenderloin head, and mountain air-cured have a prominent place.

In the same way they are very much appreciated the “hornazos”, sausages based pie. Mountain lemon made with lemon, orange, boiled egg and chorizo.

Its wines, crops of the region and extraordinary quality sweets made with natural products, candies, wafers, “perrunillas”, honey and pollen.