GR-10 Crossing of the Sierra de Francia


DISTANCE: 48.5 km
PATH: traditional trails and forest tracks.
POINT OF ARRIVAL: Recreation Area El Vao (Monsagro)
RECOMMENDED TIME: All year round, especially spring and autumn.


This trail known in Europe as E-7, crosses the Natural Park of Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia from east to west along 48.5 km.

While you can do all the complete tour in the province of Salamanca from the municipality of La Hoya to Aldea del Obispo.

Travesía de la Sierra de Francia


We begin the tour in the Natural Park in the so - called "Travesía de la Sierra de Francia" in the municipality of Sotoserrano, next to the church of Our Lady of the Assumption.

The ride to Cepeda takes place in a first section between cherry trees and olives. Along the way we will cross another path that leads to Herguijuela de la Sierra and Madroñal; will cross the stream San Pedro del Coso by a beautiful medieval bridge in the Dehesa de Cepeda that leads to the municipality.

The way continues up to an oak forest that leads to the C-512 and Recreation Area "The Regajera". From here it is advisable to take the variant of 700 meters that leads to Miranda del Castañar.

On de way back to Regajera the path continues parallel to the road Mogarraz until a dirt track that goes to our left and leads us, after a deep descent to the bridge stone of the Three Eyes, which crosses the river Milanos.

Gradually will climb the paved path to Mogarraz. From Monforte we will walk in a parallel direction to the irrigation canal to reach the shrine of Majadas Viejas.

Reached the crossroads, comes right the variant path to Lake San Marcos, declared Catalogued Wetland, the hermitage of San Marcos in ruins and the viewpoint of the river France where the towns of San Martin del Castañar and Casas del Conde are observed.

Turning back to the crossroads we continue towards La Alberca between oak woods, where we take the variant to the Recreation area "Fuente Castaño".

Shortly after the variant we take a track that leads to La Alberca. We will leave from the school, entering through pine woods to the headwaters of France river.

In the last stretch the path ascends along the Via Crucis paved path. And we descend to the Mirador del Paso de los Lobos. We continue along the river to the point of union of the Agadon and Agadon Chico rivers, where we will have to cross the "Bridge Yunta”.

The trail continues past the village, back across the Agadon River and runs to the recreation area of "the Vao" between mountains of Aleppo, from here we continue along the forest track that leads us to the edge of the park.