The current theater was the former mansion of the Duke of Alba.

La Alberca through Granadilla in the past belonged to this ducal lordship. From such a manor house of the late fifteenth century only remains the granite columns on the ground floor.

The most peculiar elements are the capitals, Father Hoyos in his book gives us the following interpretation: this would be a representation of the deadly sins, but the most significant of these capitals it is the representation of grenades in several of them, symbolizing and talking about the old albercana dependence on the jurisdiction of Granada or Granadilla (Caceres).

From the columns embedded in the wall of the building facing the street de la Puente, the most notable is the shield of the Ducal House of Alba. In 1919 works are executed to allocate the use of the entire building as a Theatre, as previously only one part was used.


teatro teatro